What is Beyond Linux From Scratch?

Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) is a project that continues where the LFS book finishes. It assists users in developing their systems according to their needs by providing a broad range of instructions for installing and configuring various packages on top of a base LFS system.

Why would I want a BLFS system?

If you are wondering why you would want a BLFS system or don't know what LFS is, then you don't want to be here just yet — you should head over to the LFS Project Homepage where all will be explained.

What can I do with my BLFS system?

Nearly anything! An LFS system is primed to become a system that fits whatever need you have. BLFS is the book that takes you down your own custom path. You could build an office workstation, a multimedia desktop, a router, a server, or all of the above! And the best part is you only install what you need.

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